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Commissioning the making of a new instrument is an exciting and fulfilling process that begins in conversation with the client, regarding their preferences in sound, model of instrument and performance requirements.

With regard to models, clients are invited to choose from either a copy of a particular instrument, or one of my own models, of which I generally keep one or two in the workshop to show.

With the player’s preferences in mind, I then select the pieces of tone wood best suited for their new instrument, also taking into consideration the client’s aesthetic taste, in regards to the figure and appearance of the wood.

During the making process the client is invited for regular visits to view the progress of their instrument.


I can also photograph the process as I go, should the client wish to keep an album for posterity.

001 IMG_0442
002 IMG_0309
004 IMG_0430

Working entirely with hand tools gives me an intimate connection with the materials, allowing me time to respond to the natural inclinations of the wood whilst staying attuned to the player’s tonal ideals throughout the making process.

This also affords me the dexterity to form each detail as beautifully as I can, with the elegance and conviction of the model being uncompromised.

I use only the most resonant, well-seasoned, and aesthetically beautiful European Spruce and Maple woods, including very fine antique pieces of tonewood, some more than a century old, that I have been collecting over many years.

High quality varnishes used, are imported in small batches from specialist violin varnish makers in Europe, and are based on traditional Italian recipes. The ground that I apply to the instrument before varnishing, is to my own formulation, enhancing the appearance and sound of the finished instrument.

Commissioning a new instrument is an exciting collaborative experience, allowing you the rare opportunity to perform on an instrument you have personally taken part in creating.

If you are considering having an instrument made for you, contact me at and we can begin the conversation today!

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