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Violin making is a discipline combining fine art, science, music, craftsmanship and intuition. The profession of the Violinmaker is one which requires diverse learning, dedication, patience and a broad range of skills. The life of the Violinmaker is one of continual learning and an unrelenting journey towards the perfection of beauty and sound.


André Ozturk instruments are unique. Each instrument embodies Ozturk‘s obsessive perfectionism. No detail is overlooked and every part of the work is meticulously formed and finished. His eye for aesthetics and his musical ear come together at the workbench. Every stage of the work is done entirely with hand tools to intimately feel and control the making process according to his inspiration. 

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Only the most resonant, light-weight, well-seasoned and aesthetically beautiful traditional European tonewoods are used for his instruments. The high quality varnishes Ozturk uses are made according to ancient Italian recipes and range in colour from golden orange through to rich red/browns, enhancing the appearance and sound.

Among André Ozturk’s best teachers have been fine instruments themselves. Ozturk has been very fortunate to have closely examined and repaired some of the finest, rare instruments from the pinnacle of Classical violinmaking from Gagliano and Guadagnini to Stradivari and Stainer. He consciously applies what he learns from them into his own, new instruments.

Each Ozturk instrument is created over many weeks or months, always putting his best energy and attention into his work. Each instrument he makes is like a child to him and represents all that he knows and is capable of. 

Making instruments is not merely an occupation or even a vocation for André. To him, his instruments have lives of their own and the joy, the sound, and the pleasure that they bring to those who play them is what inspires André to create these instruments, made to perform for centuries.

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