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A high-quality rehair can dramatically improve the way your bow feels and plays.
You may not realize that your bow could be performing so much better than it currently does. Even if you have a less valuable bow, it can almost always be made to feel and play like one of much greater value just by having a high-quality rehair and the correct adjustments made to the camber of the stick, if needed.
André sources all his bow hair from the best suppliers, buying only the highest-quality hair for violin, viola and cello bows. A beautiful bow is something to behold and a high-class rehair can really bring a bow to life.

001 IMG_0328

André calculates the number of hairs for each bow, depending on the weight, feel and design of the bow stick. He also takes into account the individual ways his clients use their bows, and rehairs them to best suit the player's technique.
Bows are always cleaned and their nickel/silver/gold carefully polished to a high sheen, as are the pearl slides and buttons.  The wooden plugs and spreader wedges are always meticulously fitted. The hair ribbons are obsessively combed to make sure hairs do not cross over each other and the hairs lay flat against the head of the bow and occupy the full width of the ferrule at the frog end.
Bows sticks can be re-cambered and any warps or twists in the stick which can sometimes come with age can also be corrected. This is something André specialises in.

New leather grips, lappings and replacement parts can also be fitted to your bow when required.

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