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The way your instrument is set up, plays a vital part in the instrument’s tone, also affecting the amount of physical effort required to produce the tone you want.

Over the course of time, all instruments undergo gradual changes resulting from use, travel, storage, temperature and humidity fluctuations. Any of these factors can, over time, alter your instruments playability and tone.


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Having your instrument’s setup reassessed periodically, will maintain its condition, keep it playing and sounding it’s best, and make your life as a musician more enjoyable.

For new set-ups, the selection of spruce for the sound post, along with its’ placement and fit, is vital in order to find  your instrument’s best tone. New soundposts are made from old spruce wood that has been split, rather than cut, to ensure straightness of grain.


Bridge selection, model, dimensions, and position in relation to the sound post, are equally important in maximising ease of playability and optimum tone qualities. Additionally important are the shape and height of the nut, condition of the fingerboard, the height of the saddle and the material and length of the tail cord.


All new bridges are meticulously cut and tuned to achieve the desired feel and sound for your instrument.

String choice, matched to both the instrument and player’s preference, is another factor integral to obtaining the tone quality and responsiveness desired. I am happy to advise in selecting  the most suitable choice of strings for your instrument.

A customised set-up is an investment in your instrument, optimising its playability, revitalising its tone, and maximising your playing pleasure.

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