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One of the services professional musicians value most from André’s studio is his set-ups and tone optimisation. This primarily involves the bridge and the soundpost. As a musician himself, André knows how to get the best sound out of an instrument.


As a maker, when he looks at an instrument he has a good idea of what sort of sound an instrument should be able to produce. He brings these two understandings together to get the best sound from an instrument.


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Having seen countless instruments, of all calibers, André can confidently say that most soundposts he has seen have been poorly fitted. This means that the ends of the post do not fit the inside curves of the instrument, or that the post is jammed in too tightly or is too loose, both of which can cause harm to an instrument. Posts are often seen made from the wrong material or just put completely in the wrong place. All of André’s soundposts fit perfectly. He can say this because he has made sure it is this way.  


The quality of the bridge of an instrument has an enormous effect on tone, as well as playability. A good bridge is not simply fitted onto an instrument, it has to be engineered. 

André stocks an array of differently-shaped bridge blanks (from which he hand-cuts each bridge) to suit each individual instrument. Each new bridge is designed, meticulously shaped and its’ drop pitch (the sound made when gently dropped) is adjusted to tailor the desired sound of the instrument. 

The instrument is then strung up with the bridge almost complete and the sound is thoroughly tested. Any further adjustments are made to the shape of the bridge before it is given its final detailing, polished and stamped with André’s name for a guarantee of quality. An André Ozturk set-up is an investment for your instrument and could bring out sound qualities you never realised your instrument was capable of.

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